Bequest Capital, LLC was formed to build a portfolio of cash flowing properties for new and existing investors who want to diversify their investments in the real estate industry.
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Establish Passive Income Sources

Our focus is to enter markets and asset types where we can capture attractive return yields as well as scale into larger opportunities as our funds’ AUM, equity and pool of investors grow.

With our accelerated approach to acquisition and cutting-edge hybrid strategy including performing mortgages, we estimate acquiring $100M AUM by the end of 2023.

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“Bequest Funds has been a truly passive investment. My past dividend investments paid me quarterly and the performance was tied to Wall Street."

- Dan Mitchell
“I met Martin and Shawn in 2017 after having read Martin’s first book, Note Investing Made Easier. They run a tight organization and am happy to be a part of their newest Income Fund.”

- Doctor An
The Opportunity
Exclusive Access
  • Bequest prides itself on bringing investment opportunities that have been historically inaccessible to investors like yourselves
  • A new vertical that employs a cutting edge hybrid strategy between commercial real estate and performing mortgages
  • Become an equity partner with Bequest Capital
Looking To Partner With You
This is a partnership. We want everyone to win and when any accredited investor joins this fund, they become an equity partner. This provides transparncy and a number of options, all created to empower our investors. The way we set up the opportunity makes every investor an equity shareholder of this fund.
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